How I wish I could look at the world through a doughnut!

How much of bonding are we going to hoggggg…?
Well, quickly gearing up dinner, or calling your pals to a restaurant for lunch, exploring new routes, getting to the wrong place, making up your mind, settling others’ mind to a particular cuisine, gastronomy, chit-chatting in the time spent in waiting at a bistro or a café, all this is world by itself. Even cooking something for your beloved is special but whooooa… let me not get there. That is a sure thing for another day.
Going back to where we started, of course, the never ending arguments between the meat-eaters and the ones who don’t eat are an everyday thing! Ufffhh, let’s take a deep breath. Something that’s been hitting me for quite a while is that, are these activities photo relegated?
Not that I intend to equate bonding, friendships and relationships to getting out of your house and eating in a bistro. On a casual note it is for that pleasure when you take an extra step to strengthen a bond. Could I probably equate that to a friend dropping in at home? Bang-on… you would never be on the ground.

Well, here I am after beating in and around the bush.  What I have in mind or set here is that we are on different levels of extravaganza that our time-honoured practice of getting together was food. And, I personally believe it still is.

What has displaced is that the quality of togetherness we run through. With the one-touch system, it’s just a piece of cake for us to get food wherever we want. I mean, none else than those little apps which eat all our space available in our phones and SD card.  This means we are supposedly having an elite time in somebody’s company. Well, NO.

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Why? What happened? Any which way, these are bound to happen. These scenes could unfurl in anyone’s life. What is important is what we imbibe from our experiences. I’ve generalised some instances and pointers that all of us can relate to:

We all catch-up at a bud’s place:

Everybody refuses to budge an inch from the super cosy air-conditioned room. The next is obviously to sit back and check out for concessions in and around you, from the various apps installed in your phone. By this time, all our energies are being spent in loving, browsing and toggling between screens and apps. The ultimate purpose of us getting together is lost.

You may think that these apps have saved time for you to spend more time with people around you. However, it’s disrupted your life so much that you end up spending time on other apps!

You start rambling: It reminds me about those special considerations and coupons that are offered to you since you’ve signed up for all the newsletters and promos. Just because you are given a discount of 30%, you end up ordering way too much and end up wasting the same.
FYI – you could walk up to the little shack next door and buy what you want. Needn’t be so fancy!

You decide what only YOU want:
When a little voice in the gang is heard “Hey I’m a Non-vegetarian so I need an egg stuffed with chicken and a chicken stuffed with an egg and that has to be inside a burger and the burger has to be inside whaaaat?  I hope you’re seriously kidding me. You call up the customer care to clarify all the fillings and stuffing that you wanted to add, who calls up the restaurant who later connects you to the chef and lets you clarify it with him. Jazz!

Believe me, we have already lost half-a-day and this is definitely a delicious cherry on top of the cake which we were baking or thinking of baking since morning.

Order confirmed:
Does this sound like an invoice? I bet, NO, because there’s some more time to go. It has just been Two-Hours and Twenty-five minutes since 12.00 noon! How could I miss-out on those cheesy & yumilicious phrases in-between – The last time I ordered so fast that we all ate immediately? Seriously, do you even have to mention that? It’s understood!

Before you refuse you accept it, you were also a part of the drama which took place a while ago. Most importantly, you were the reason.

What else is left?
Since the order has been confirmed, the food obviously arrives. No one can refute that. Finally we all eat and get back to wherever we belong or came from.
Since we all gathered at a friend’s place and ordering food is meant to be easy by exploring applications and conversations and spending time with each other is so damn tedious. Right?
Oh, yes, free Wi-Fi too. Is that all? Anything else left on your palate?

How could I forget a disclaimer:
With these chaotic fancy man-made elements around, I’d like to strongly confess that I neither have a sense of resentment, nor have I ever felt annoyed with apps that offer food online. It is just that those filters which are mean to simplify your search that makes lives complicated, with virtual communication on an overdrive.

Honestly speaking, more than half of us cannot thrive without the essential applications. Where we all slip-up is that we totally immerse ourselves and we are deeply engrossed in it, and confine our options. Hence, your mind feels that it is the last option and your heart raves for the right thing!

We all have an option, sorry a lot of options on the plate:
To go out, essentially with our loved ones: maybe to the place next door, to the little café two streets down the road or the restaurant which is 5 kilometres away. I’m sure you would have done your math. You waiting time is more or less identical for you. You are not just waiting, but talking to your buddies, paving out your quality time for the love of friendship and food. Isn’t that more than just a reason?  I’m very sure that there are like-minded people and culture-curious people who’d agree with me. We all have had the pleasure of benefitting from these wonderful threads of food and let’s embrace them whenever necessary and not always!

PS:  I swear that the next post would be spicy, juicy and all flavoursome and not a bland one like this!  The Hogsmith is busy doing what she does best, but she always has time for amazing conversation, so please do leave your comments below.


10 thoughts on “How I wish I could look at the world through a doughnut!

  1. Well who said that this article doesn’t have spice in it?! It’s so well written, well-balanced with so many beautiful thoughts! Write on Hogsmith…!


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