To a lot of GUSTO!

Ever since we joined college it was the most awaited day. Those black robes, the hats, and papers tied with red satin ribbons… God, they never ceased to amaze us. In fact, they were a source of motivation or rather an incentive to complete our course-work on time. I’m sure you’re spot on. CONVOCATION!   We being we, were so excited. So excited! We were fully clad in those beautiful black satin robes laced with bright red ribbons. There started our selfie mission. Stil, the graduation spam continues on social media!

Post the convocation ceremony, we decided to trip to the GUSTO CAFÉ at Nugambakkam. We did hear a lot about this place. People told us that the café’s ambience is more attractive than the food. Of course, it did grab our attention as we entered. It has seven sections with diverse furnishings and décor. May be they wanted to attracted all sorts of crowd? Those who love sports can accommodate themselves at the stands, like the one in the stadium. Pharaohs are also around you, they’ve beautifully assembled an Egyptian set-up and a cowboy space where bull-heads and hats are close to ceiling. With the exception of the last two, the rest is a Sheesha lounge. Wherever you’re seated in this café it is hard for you to look into the other chambers as it hides from within. You got to get up and take a stroll to check out what’s in store.

The food was well-prepared and of course was really fresh. We had a Bruschetta which was truly a bliss. Believe me when I say that I can still taste the basil and garlic drizzled with olive oil! And Gustorian fries which was tossed with some herbs and was served the Italian way. Both the starters were grilled and fried to perfection. Light, crispy and yummy too! For the main course – Penne with cream of wild mushroom.  Neither too herby nor creamy, it was a perfect portion for two light eaters. With much excessive enthusiasm we decided to have a Strawberry Vanilla Pannacotta. Perfectly moulded, creamy, fudgy and dreamy. With a fresh strawberry garnished.  I’d say that it was amazingly aromatized with vanilla and strawberry, the right mix of flavours.  Yes, we did want another one, no two…more.
Now you know how it tasted, right.

Having said that, summer is around and I’d love to drop in again on a sunny day. Just for the refreshing and delicious Pannacotta. So go to GUSTO, with a lot of gusto and explore the two other chambers which I haven’t disclosed.

The Hogsmith would love to hear your comments!



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